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Mining's Impact on Two Communities, Dani Corona

In our third video, Allie Quintano and I consider mining's impact on two communities, the complexities that surround it, and what it means to take a side on an issue.

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It's interesting to consider differing definitions of democracy in Thailand at this particular time because of the current political situation. Thailand appears to be so divided between these two parties, yellow and red, but it seems both parties claim to want the same thing: democracy.
Before the mining unit, I hadn't really considered that just defining democracy could be so controversial, let alone what my own definition of democracy is. It is clear to me that these kinds of questions raised in this video are central to the current arguments, with each group feeling like their rights are being violated on some level.

I think the issue of the "neutral" group is also apparent in the current political situation, which seems to be dominated by the younger generation. Most students I have spoken with generally will not talk about politics and do not get involved.
During our exchange with the Dow Din group, Fame commented that there is no such thing as "neutrality," and that inaction is still a decision. In a democratic system, I agree with her completely.

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